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CustomAppBar opens when selecting a gridviewitem

Jul 13, 2013 at 6:19 PM

First I have to say, thank you for this awesome toolkit!

Unfortunately I have a serious problem. I included the CustomAppBar in one of my pages, which also contains a gridview with enabled selectionmode. Now everytime when I click onto an item, the CustomAppBar also opens, but I only want to select the item and not let the CustomAppBar getting the event.

Working with CanOpen or Visibility is not a solution in this case because the CustomAppBar should open if the user clicks outside of the gridview (when the user does not select an item).

This also occures with the normal AppBar control when it is placed in Page.TopAppBar or Page.BottomAppBar (but then it also steals focus...).

My current workaround is using a normal AppBar control, but if possible I would like to make use of the extra functionalities of the CustomAppBar.

I hope you can help me :-)