Pie Chart Data labels

I am able to create a pie chart but had no success in creating datalabels for slices of the pie. Any help in this regard will be appreciated a lot. Please find the attachment what exactly is i a...

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WinRT XAML Toolkit Scatter Series

I've got real-time data which I want to plot in a Windows 8.1. Store App. I would like to use the WinRT XAML Toolkit. In my real-time data as well the dependent (y) values as the independent (x) va...

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Customize tooltip for WinRT XAML Toolkit charts

Hi everyone, I am new to WinRT XAML Toolkit, am i using this library to create charts in Universal Windows Application in VS 2015. I have successfully created various types of charts, now i am ne...

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Scale a single PieChart Piece

Hello everyone! I am trying scale a separate piece of PieChart when the user select it. I tried animate the main Grid ("Root") Hight and Width but the result was terrible... The result I wan...

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Sample app for WP throws Exception on every startup

System.Exception, WinRT information: Element is already child of another element. I cannot find any more information in the exception, so it's difficult to guess why it occurs. I guess there is s...

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ListView BindableSelection not selecting the Item

I am using the attached property BindableSelection on a ListView. If I select an item of the ListView, the selected item will be added to the corresponding collection, but if I add an item to the c...

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CustomGridSplitter crash

I'm using a custom gridsplitter in the Windows 10 UWP and runtime when I'm dragging the splitter this exception occurs: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range...

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chart error

var clSers = new ColumnSeries(); clSers.Title = "Population"; clSers.ItemsSource = vm.Items; clSers.IndependentValueBinding = new Binding() { Path = new PropertyPath("Category") }; ...

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No sample for StackedAreaSeries

From http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30944381/how-do-i-use-the-stackedareaseries-in-the-winrt-xaml-toolkit

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Win Phone 8.1 Calender Control SelectionMode Property

As i m busy with my some stuff. During this i tried to implement the calendar control, unfortunately I got some error "object not set to instance of an object" while using calender control property...

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