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ImageButton State's Problem

Nov 29, 2013 at 9:18 PM
I have a ImageButton on my xaml page that has images associated with it's different states.

When the user is not interacting with the button, the image shown is a darker "disabled" image.
When the user hovers the button it "lights up".
When the user clicks the button, it "depresses" to look like a real button.
The state of the button is changed to disabled while the application performs a function.

Now here's where my problem lies. After the buttons state is returned to enabled, once the app is done doing it's thing, if the mouse is not moved off of the control, the control does not go from disabled state, to hovered state and light back up again. The user literally has to move the mouse off of the button, and then back on for it to "light up".

Any ideas or fixes would be appreciated!